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07 jan

the man

1.93 meters tall, texan blond and living in amsterdam. regularly escaping to the village of odoorn, in the north east of the netherlands. here he works in the woods he grew up in. lumberjacking and creating objects. the trees and the coarse logs providing inspiration. in amsterdam he enjoys city live. with clothes on.

his ax

it's a simple one, 2000 grams of steel, never fails. arne always uses the same, the one with the yellow grip from the famous dutch brand hendrik jan de tuinman. watch the 70's tv commercial of hendrik jan to get a bit of the odoorn feeling.

his saw

arne uses husqvarna chainsaws for the rough work. kept operational with the help of a local forester. be aware of users of other chainsaw brands. they are poseurs. husqvarna is the one.

the woods

odoorn is a small farming village in the dutch province of drenthe. outside the village, in the middle of the endless open farmland, stands uncle henk's wood. quite a few acres of dense forest with an old farmhouse in the middle. this wasn't always the case. without the past efforts of old uncle henk, there would not have been any wood to chop for arne.

the story

when uncle henk bought the old farmhouse in '65 he also managed to get hold of the christmas tree plantation next to it. the trees at that time were not much bigger than the young arne. to make the forest sustainable, henk planted young oaks, maple and beech trees. people started calling it "henk's little forest": a strange biotope in the middle of the wide potato fields. in the forty years he owned the land, henk cut trees to maintain the forest. arne now takes care of that.